Antifouling for hulls and propellers

Our products are super eco friendly and contain no harmful additives. Use our products once and you will always use them to protect your assets at sea. Suitable for hull's, propellers, jetty's, piers, undersea pipes and pretty much any other surface that requires protection from Marine Fouling. Commercial shipping, domestic craft, work boats, offshore platforms, pontoons and all other marine structures, will benefit greatly by including MPA Marine products in regular maintenance.

Hulltreat anti fouling for boats.

Hulltreat antifouling system will not harm our oceans.HulltreatTM antifouling system is eco friendly, copper free & biocide-free and no VOC's. It is specially formulated to protect buoys, and all boat hulls, including Aluminium and fibre glass hulls.

A breakthrough natural wax Fouling Release System which contains an organic oil treatment technology and is engineered to suit all hull more Read more.

Proptreat keeps propellers clean and free of marine growth.

Proptreat antifouling for propellers, shafts and stablisers.ProptreatTM is specially formulated for all propellers easy to apply with a brush or small roller or gloved hand.

It can even be applied underwater by a diver using gloves to rub it on to the surface. Its perfect for those areas that take a bit more punishment, like propellers and drive shaft, intakes, stabilisers etc. more Read more.

Envirotreat stops growth on buoy for Met Ocean Research.

Envirotreat corrosion Control." title="Envirotreat corrosion ControlEnvirotreatTM will protect buoys, splash zone areas, ropes, anchors, tools, engine parts, chains, anchors, lifting

EnvirotreatTM can be used around engine rooms, to protect moving mechanical parts that require corrosion protection, permanent lubrication and waterproofing such as cogs, gears or chains. more Read more.


The MPA range of Antifouling products are totally harmless to our oceans and everything in them. Our products can be used above or below the water line.

Download Bochure.We have developed our formulations with the specific end use in mind.  MPA Marine antifouling systems are easy to apply and to re- apply. Our products are extremely adhesive and will have no trouble

When reapplying our products it is only necessary to simply hose down and to clean lightly before repeating application.

Recent changes to IMO Regulations and requirements means it is now a requirement, to 'encapsulate' or 'remove', existing toxic anti fouling coatings. HulltreatTM antifouling system can be used to encapsulate existing toxic anti foul systems. 

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